Terms and Conditions


Purchase & Deposit:
Upon order or pre-order, a deposit in the amount of 10% of the total purchase price excluding tax, tag, title, prep & shipping charges is due. Along with your sales order you will also receive all technical specifications and documents to your trailer. This is required to obtain and request quotes from multiple carriers to prepare for your delivery. We can assist you with this upon request but it is you the purchaser who decides on the carrier.

Processing & Inspections:
Upon receiving your trailer from the manufacturer, a full overview and inspection is performed to make sure nothing has been damaged during transit. As an added service an inspection by National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) is performed and given a compliance seal verifying safety standards have been met as per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) prior to shipment. A Shipment schedule will then be requested from your selected carrier.

Final Payment for the remaining balance including but not limited to tax (tag, Title if applicable), prep fee’s and any additional items, equipment or accessories is then due in Full. Upon receiving and clearing the final payment, your selected carrier is confirmed and scheduled for pickup.

On the day its scheduled for pickup, your trailer is loaded and secured as per the carrier’s specifications. Expedition Trailers Inc has no say nor decisions regarding any decisions made by the carrier and or its affiliates. You will be notified its ready to ship and awaiting your authorization for release. Upon authorization the delivery is then released to the carrier and sent on its way to you and its new home.

It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to confirm and verify all proper insurance policies and coverage with the shipper/carrier and or if applicable any personal trailer insurance required by a financial institution are up to date and in place prior to and during shipment. It is not nor shall it be implied to be or have coverage at any time by Expedition Trailers Inc.

If Applicable:
In the event you opt out or so choose not to use a carrier prior to loading and and want to start your new adventures early and pickup it up in Miami, Fl and haul it yourself, any shipping credit or promotion that may have been Applied at the time of signing a Purchase agreement or Sales Order and Payment was given and received included in the Initial Deposit or at Final Payment, then this credit can only be credited towards any available stocked equipment or components. Any other promotion will remain in place.

In the unlikely event anyone of our manufacturing partners are unable to deliver on any one of the models we carry now or in the future within the timeline originally agreed to due to acts of god or accidents during shipment then the Purchaser has the option to accept the new delivery date or may opt out of the purchase altogether without penalty and receive a full refund of your initial deposit. We understand that COVID-19 has created many supply chain issues felt across the globe. Our commitment is we will not take nor pre-order any model trailer from any manufacturer unless they can provide the assurance that they in fact have all the materials and components on hand to start and finish the trailer. All sales orders will be verified with the manufacturer of its availability prior to accepting a deposit.